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Calling all artists, crafters, designers, makers, foodies and… well you get the picture! If you are looking to start, grow or expand your independent business we have a range of spaces available at FarGo including shipping containers, studios and warehouses and we would LOVE to hear from you!

Email with your business ideas, photos and social media links.

The Box @ FarGo Village – Have your say!

Small, independent “live performance” venues are the lifeblood of British music and performance and offer artists places to start out, develop and work on their craft.

We are currently researching the development of a new venue to be located at FarGo Village, Coventry and invite our key audiences to share their views on the facilities and attributes offered by an ideal venue, the types of proposed entertainment, events and genres and potential demand for each.  By completing this short survey you are feeding into the overall plan for the project and helping us to develop a venue that offers a relevant and exciting programme for all ages to enjoy.

Thank you for your time.


Spooky Goings on at FarGo Village

Our regular blogger Amy from Writing into the Ether shares her thoughts on Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! How did you celebrate this year? I helped a friend to sell her artwork at Fargo’s Halloween Market. Like all of Fargo’s markets, the sellers were amazing and I spent a lot of time wandering around to the other people’s stalls and chatting.

From spooky hand-carved candles by Heathen Waxworks to handmade potion bottles by Curlicue Glass (definitely one of my favourites every year!) – Fargo’s market had everything Halloween you could ever need to celebrate. Both the marketers and the permanent sellers had decorated their shops and everyone was in the spirit of Halloween!

 Although we don’t like to say the C-Word this early… there were a few Christmas gift sellers too! Everyone there had a load of fun despite the chilly weather, and some Paneer wraps from the Paneer Tent helped to warm us up! They are a regular at Fargo events and their veggie wraps and samosas are to die for!

The stall I helped with was run by illustrator LizJOwen, I asked her to say a few words about her experience at the market. She says;

“It was my first time selling at this kind of event – all the other sellers were so welcoming and helpful. We were all decorated up and there were super Halloween vibes. Plus I got some great advice on how to make it even better for the Etsy Christmas Market event!

It was tons of fun and we are both looking forward to the next one!

FarGo Christmas Cinema

Gather under twinkling fairy lights and piles of blankets and join us for all the usual Crimbo faves. For just one month, we are transforming The Box into a cosy Christmas cinema.

Sunday 19th November

Frozen Singalong

Afternoon Showing // Doors 13:30 // Start 14:00

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Sunday 26th November

A Muppets Christmas Carol

Afternoon Showing // Doors 13:30 // Start 14:00

Evening Showing // Doors 17:30 // Start 18:00

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Sunday 3rd December

Home Alone

Evening Showing // Doors 17:30 // Start 18:00

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Sunday 10th December


Afternoon Showing // Doors 13:30 // Start 14:00

Evening Showing // Doors 17:30 // Start 18:00

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Our Ticket Options

General Admission

Deck Chair – £8

Cosy Kids Floor Area – £5

BYOS (Bring Your Own Seat) – £5

Our Christmas Workshops

Escape the winter blues and get creative this festive season!

Our Winter Workshops, led by local artisan crafters, will get you making, baking or crafting keepsakes and gifts with other likeminded folk. Below you will find details of all of the workshops we are holding throughout November and December. Tickets are available for each at the accompanying links.

Saturday 18th November

Paper Cut Christmas Decorations with Clare Pentlow

Learn how to make paper Christmas decorations and cards with Clare Pentlow, using simple cutting and folding techniques on a range of decorative papers.

10:30 – 13:30 & 15:00 – 18:00 // £15 // Suitable for ages 16+

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Stained Glass Biscuits with Backhaus & Co

Bring your kids down and deck the hall with your tasty masterpieces in a morning of festive baking.

11:00 – 13:00 // £7.50 // Suitable for children

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Festive Fabric Wreath with Oshin Art & Craft

Enjoy a morning of crafty Christmassy fun and create a fabric collage wreath that will last above your mantelpiece for countless Christmas’s to come.

11:00 – 14:00 // £35 // Recommended for ages 10+

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Alcoholic Christmas Truffles with Backhaus & Co

Indulge in some delicious chocolate truffles, with a bit of a kick, handmade by you.

14:00 – 16:00 // £7.50 // Over 18’s only

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Sunday 19th November

Spray Station Spray Art Greetings Cards

Join our resident spray paint artist Spray Station to design unique and personalised Christmas cards.

From 11:00 – 17:00 // £10 // Recommended for ages 10+

Sessions every 30 minutes

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Sunday 26th November

Mosaic Wall Hanging with Amanda Anderson

Spend the day working with experienced mosaic maker and artist Amanda Anderson and create a small mosaic panel for your wall using brightly coloured ceramic pieces, stained glass and recycled china.

10:00 – 16:00 // £55 // Suitable for ages 16+ // Limited Availability

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Handcrafted Pencil Dolls with Oshin Art & Craft

Spend the morning with the talented Paulina, learning how to make these cute pencil dolls.

10:30 – 13:30 // £25 // Recommended for ages 10+

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Sunday 3rd December

Crafty Tea Light Lampshades with Sharyn Dunn

Create a textured or patterned lampshade for a tea-light using a selection of materials. Embellish them with a pierced design or pleating to give a simple idea your style

10:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:00 // £15 // Suitable for ages 12+ // Limited Availability

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Your Very Own Christmas Angel with Oshin Art & Craft

Oshin Art & Craft returns again to show you how to make a hand-stitched Christmas angel.

11:00 – 13:00 // £20 // Recommended for ages 10+

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Saturday 9th December

Stained Glass Holly Leaves with Abstraction

Make your own beautiful stained glass holly leaves with Giovanna from Abstraction.

11:00 – 14:00 // £30 // Suitable for ages 12+ // Limited availability

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Kanzashi Flowers with Oshin Art & Craft

Join Paulina from Oshin Art & Craft and learn the Japanese art of Kanzashi, creating a unique handmade flower this Christmas.

11:00 – 14:00 // £20 // Suitable for ages 15+

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Saturday 16th December

Gingerbread Houses with Backhaus & Co

Test your construction skills and free your inner architect as you create and decorate your very own gingerbread house

Kids: 11:00 – 13:00 // Adults: 14:00 – 16:00 // £7.50

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Guest Blog: FarGo’s Third Birthday

First of all, a massive congratulations to FarGo and it’s team on their 3rd Birthday! As someone who has been visiting FarGo for the last 3 years and watched the place grow and build with its vendors and the public, it was great to see this vibrant place celebrating its success!

I love a good market and Fargo never disappoints when it comes to these kind of events. This Saturday was no exception with the regulars being joined by small local crafters which got me very intrigued for the Halloween Market in October!

Residents PopBangColour and special guests,Two Tone Taxi joined in the festivities as the Boudica festival (which celebrates the talents of young women in the music industry) was in full swing with live music through into the evening.

A great open mic session followed on the Sunday, to keep us chilled and singing along in the afternoon. Vegan Grindhouse and Red Banger supplied the food, and Bubble Boba was my chosen place to drink (as it often is!).

FarGo’s resident businesses are it’s soul, so I wanted to give some shout-outs to a few of the vendors. Firstly, to the Rock n Roller Parlour for providing me with the best hair styling I’ve rocked in years with a more comfortable and different experience than anywhere else in Coventry!

 Next, to the Big Comfy Bookshop, for providing a respite from the outside world; a place you can relax with that book you bought with a cup of tea before you need to get back to reality. Finally, to Ronnie whose great collection of bric a brac keeps us coming back every time just to see what camera, trinket or great vintage finds are in store!

Choc n Roll, Astral Gypsy, Not Just Jams, Albie’s Boutique, The Green Unicorn… there are just so many shops that I can’t mention them all… But on behalf of all the people who love Fargo, a big thank you to the Fargo management team and all of you for making it a great place to hang out and explore!

Here’s to further good times as Coventry heads towards it’s City of Culture Bid!

This post is part of our new series of guest blog posts from the lovely Amy at Writing into the Ether. You can check out her personal blog here.

Guest Blog: August Bank Holiday Weekend

It was a scorching beautiful August bank holiday this weekend and to top it all off Fargo Village and their guest gave us entertainment for all the family this weekend.

Spanning across 3 days, with their Big Summer BBQ, Beer Festival and Face of Summer festival, FarGo was the place to be with its fabulous array of food, indoor market, charity stalls, animal encounters and of course, the locals!

During the weekend at the Big Summer BBQ, there was a mega hot wings challenge – completely free if you could survive the heat, although I am not sure how many managed it! Locals Saus ‘n’ Roll got involved with their marinated leg of lamb and Spangles offered a free drink with every burger as well as some wonderful guest caterers as always.

Twisted Barrel Ale stayed open all throughout to serve chilled drinks as part of their beer festival while the Big Comfy Bookshop provided some respite for those who fancied a bit of peace and quiet while the kids played outside!

There were fun craft activities for children with the societies in the craft hall, the Rock ‘n’ Roller parlour made sure we were festival ready with their glitter roots and hair wraps along with Sarah Jane Creations who did face-painting for the kids (and adults alike!)

Iris May Falcons showed off their majestic birds (the owls were so cute!), you could hold a ferret from Ferret Rescue and feed them peanut butter and even have an encounter with an Alpaca or three. It was so great to see animals at FarGo, and I can’t wait for more things like this in the future!

There truly was something to entertain everyone this weekend and the village was a hive of activity. FarGo Village has outdone itself for providing us with such a fantastic place to fill both our minds and our faces this weekend!

This post is part of our new series of guest blog posts from the lovely Amy at Writing into the Ether. You can check out her personal blog here.

Guest Blog: Independent Gin Festival

Last weekend at FarGo we hosted our very own Independent Gin Festival!

Fargo’s Independent Gin Festival played host to a marvellous group of gin vendors and festival attendees across 2 evenings of chilled and sociable gin tasting. Personally, I’d never been to a gin festival before but it was definitely something I’d do again!

Although I was a guest, the tickets for entry were £7.50 which seemed very reasonable. As you arrived you were given a balloon glass and purchased tokens to spend at the gin vendors’ stalls. Each vendor described the gin and allowed you to taste it and paired it with a harmonising tonic.

There was a great selection of London Dry gins and others spanning from very local, such as Langley’s based in Birmingham, to Scapegrace which is distilled in New Zealand. Many brands were known for the rich heritage of the place they were distilled, or were based on the origins of G&T.

My favourite had to be the gin slushie by Shakespeare Distillery, which was a completely new concept to me! They used their signature Stratford gin which is infused with all manner of botanicals and it tasted incredible!

Overall, the atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable, the guests were happy and the vendors were informative, friendly and above all seemed super passionate about their products. A great night for people of all ages (18+ of course), whether they were a newbie like me or a gin enthusiast!

This post is part of our new series of guest blog posts from the lovely Amy at Writing into the Ether. You can check out her personal blog here.

What to Expect at FarGo’s Independent Gin Festival!

This week at FarGo, we’re hosting our very own Gin Festival- but when has FarGo ever done things like everybody else? We’ve done away with the long talks and the classroom feel, and instead invited down some great independent distilleries to serve you drinks, have a chat and introduce you to the wonderful world of gin, in a relaxed and intimate setting. So whether you’re a gin expert or a complete novice with a taste for a G&T, be sure to come and check it out!

Introducing the stars of the show, we have 7 brilliant and unique distilleries for you to sample. From the mountains of New Zealand to the heart of the Hudson Valley, to our very own Shakespeare country, these gins come from across the world, but the thing they have in common is their great taste!

From across the globe, we have Brooklyn and Scape Grace. Brooklyn, based in New York, is created by founders Emile Jathe and Jo Santos, with an emphasis on local produce, hand production, and small, quality batches. They produce 300 bottles over the course of 3 days, all lovingly created from fresh local ingredients, which they think you can taste from the very first sip. Scape Grace are from New Zealand, and try and capture the country in their gin. From the 12 natural botanicals to the water gathered from the mountaintops, the Scape Grace team offer ‘gritty sophistication’, and a trip to New Zealand in a smooth gin and tonic.

A bit closer to home, we are welcoming Brokers gin from Birmingham, who have been perfecting their recipe for 200 years- the old ones are usually the best! They use a traditional pot belly still for their gin, to bring out all the flavour of their botanicals. Langley’s will also be joining us, with their multi-award winning luxury gin.

Bringing the royal touch to our humble festival is Sovereign Spirits, who produce it on their farm in the heart of Clipstone Park, which was a royal hunting lodge as far back as the 11th century! They harvest the most abundant fruits from their hedgerows and bottle them in their delicious gin liqueurs. They’re joined by British Polo Gin, with their 100% organic botanicals, gluten free sugar beet, quality small batches, and their firm belief that Britain, Polo, and Gin have been closely linked since the 1850’s!

Finally we’re bringing you Shakespeare’s Distillery, from just down the road in Stratford! Made in small, handcrafted batches, they are inspired by the fruits and flavours of the Tudor period, bringing the essence of the period to life in their bottles.

We didn’t stop there though! Alongside these amazing distilleries, we are also bringing you delicious street food from Paneer Wrap, and also our very own Saus’ n’ Roll are providing pasties, sausage rolls and more- exactly what you need to go with that gin!

Tickets are £7.50, and with every ticket you get a gin glass and our very own FarGo Gin Guide, with tasting guides, and garnish recommendations, perfect for you to recreate the great gin taste when you get home! Tickets are selling fast, so we’d recommend getting yours in advance!

With music all night from Scott Leon, former resident at Ibiza Rocks and Coventry Cathedral Dining Club, we promise you a great night of gin tasting, good food, and great atmosphere, as you chat with our distilleries and learn everything you ever wanted to know about gin, from the people that know it best!

We hope you’re excited for it, we know we are- can’t wait to see you there!

Ticket Links
Friday Evening Session – Link.

Saturday Evening Session – Link.

Guest Blog: Rum & Reggae

A HUGE thank you to all 5,500 of you who attended! We had a blast!

This year’s Rum and Reggae festival saw huge numbers through the gates as thousands of people came in to soak up the vibes! The coloured flags, artist performances and the smells of soul-food instantly set the tone for what was to be an amazing evening!

Whether you were there to dance, or to chill with some food and a drink, there was something for everyone as this vibrant August evening’s entertainment began! Phase One Steel Orchestra really got the crowd moving with their incredible set, performing a mixture of classic and chart hits on the pans.

The vendors pulled out all the stops with their amazing Caribbean food, serving everything from jerk chicken to curried goat. Resident shops Saus ‘n’ Roll provided wonderful sell-out food along with Caribbean themed vendors, Urban, 63 Islands and Leave it to Esmie.

It goes without saying that the drinks were fantastic! Spangles and TrailerMade were a huge hit with their themed cocktails and there were so many types of rum to choose from that of course most of us ended up buying a drink for each hand!

Local DJ Dave Marshall kept the crowds dancing well into the night in Fargo’s indoor venue, The Box. The event was such a success that we drank the Fargo bar dry 10 minutes before closing time!

For those who couldn’t make it, there was also a Caribbean food festival the next day and the mood wasn’t dampened as we powered on through the storms! Themed events at Fargo to come include the Independent Gin Festival and Big Summer BBQ – let’s keep our fingers crossed for sun!

This post is part of our new series of guest blog posts from the lovely Amy at Writing into the Ether. You can check out her personal blog here.