88 Rainbows

Ammi Dhaliwal works from her artist studio, 88 Rainbows, in Coventry’s Fargo Village, where she is still making her paintings and drawings come to life.

Ammi Dhaliwal started creating visual art as a child as a means of escaping into her own world. She is fascinated by fantastical worlds and regards illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, Alan Lee and Rodney Matthews as pivotal to her artistic development. Her illustrations for Suki Robinson’s story ‘When Phoenix nearly flew’, invites you into the mind of this highly creative and original illustrator.

Ammi has been commissioned for album covers, portraiture, set painting and costume design/making. She see’s herself as first and foremost a visual artist, who can hone her talents to a design brief without sacrificing her own artistic integrity.

Ammi is self-taught, and received a BA Hons in painting from the University of Brighton in 1997. A decade later, and five years after first starting the studio, she received an arts scholarship to study for an undergraduate Law degree.

After 8 years of post-graduate law study and a stint in the Armed Forces, she returns full-time to her original passion, creating visual art.

Ammi can be found in Unit 2K, Fargo Village, Coventry. Consultations and art classes by appointment only.