A Cheesey weekend in the snow!

The Cheese and Chutney festival at Fargo this weekend gave us so much more than its name! There were nuts, seasonings, turkish delight, local vegetable produce and meat pies to fill our minds and our stomachs. It really was a fully fledged farmer’s market in its own right and luckily it was all indoors so we could hide from the cold!

Every event that The Paneer Wrap Street Food Co attend, I always make sure to have a paneer wrap. Their samosas and wraps are to die for (and another thing that helped to warm my numb fingers!) Completely vegetarian and super yummy! You could also wash it down with a glass of prosecco if it took your fancy.


My fiance and I bought enough cheese and other goodies to stock out our fridge; some lovely fresh pesto from Springfield Kitchen who provided handmade natural chutneys too. We adore spicy things, so ended up with some chilli chutney too and some Chilli cheese from Nibble Nose. (What a cute name!)


Never fear if you are a vegan too! Good Carma provided us with some lovely flavour fusions and it was also the grand opening of a new location for Totally Vegan. There is always plenty for everyone at Fargo’s events and that’s why I love them. There were plenty of tasters at all the stands and new things to try – a Cheese-lover’s dream.


The suppliers, as always, were so lovely, approachable and informative and it was great to see such a good crowd forming as we head into springtime. All we need now is the weather!


Guest Post written by Amy of Writing Into The Ether. Photographs from Thompstone Photography.