Twisted Barrel Presents: Sleek, Dazzling Veneer of the 1980’s

What time is it? 7.00pm - 02.00am

What's going on?

That’s right folks, come marvel at the sleek, dazzling veneer of the 80’s at the Twisted Barrel New Year’s Eve Disco and Karaoke.



We want to see you “Dancing on the Ceiling” and celebrating the best of the 80s with our all night disco, provided by Bossman Dave, and then show us what you’ve got with your very own renditions of all the classics from the decade by coming up and doing your own karaoke.

Come midnight we’ll take a few moments to celebrate the start of 2019 before getting right on down to it for the last couple of hours until 2am.

TICKETS  £5+ booking fee.
Tickets available on the door at £7.