British Science Festival: FarGo Village Takeover

What time is it? 17:00 - 22:00

What's going on? Celebrate the end of the British Science Festival 2019 in style as we take over Coventry’s FarGo Village. From holograms, to comedy, mind-reading technology to a mud kitchen for adults (plus so much more), grab a drink and all your friends to help us see the Festival out with a bang.

Venues, events and activities are listed below. All events are free. Most are drop-in, but some require booking and these are labelled.

Twisted Barrel Ale

Sleep to succeed (18.15 – 18.45)

Do you struggle to get enough sleep?

If so, you’re not alone. Almost one quarter of all UK adults don’t manage to get 5 hours sleep a night. Sleep plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing, from mental health to performance at work and school, and this is especially true for teenagers and young adults. Sakari Lemola reveals his research into how sleep can be improved, laying out a compelling argument into why the working day should start later.

Where there’s dirt, there’s danger? (19.00 – 19.30)

The 1930s saw a rise in the fear of dirt, which negatively impacted attitudes between the domestic home and garden. Sophie Greenway takes you on a journey through history to discover why we need to reconsider our own ideas about dirt if we are to make the changes necessary to care for our planet.

How our childhood makes us who we are (19.45 – 20.15)

It’s no surprise that how you’re brought up impacts who you become, but to what extent is this true?

Lucy Maddox reflects on her book “Blueprint: How Our Childhood Makes Us Who We are” and delves into the historic child development studies that have enabled us to understand how our early life experiences really influence our adult identity, relationships and much more.

Print Manufactory

Drawing life (18.00 – 19.30)

With pen, pencil and paper, how can we represent the dynamic and constantly moving nature of life?

Led by award-winning artist and research fellow from the University of Exeter, Gemma Anderson, take part in this ‘life’ drawing workshop which offers a novel, creative and collaborative approach to depicting evolution on the page.

When the drawing is constantly evolving, who knows what kind of life will find a way…?

Booking required via this link.

Backhaus & Co.

Earth-friendly street food  

Debuting in Coventry, experience the future of food – a ‘planetary health’ menu that is good for you, and the planet.

You’ll be served by food lovers, University of Warwick biologist Eric Holub and Backhaus & Co owner Jessica Edwards, who will offer a taste of delicious, and surprising, treats featuring ‘Capulet’ – a new white haricot bean for British growers and consumers. Affectionately coined the ‘millennial bean’, find out how a humble legume could help produce a healthier, heartier and tastier British diet.

Vegan and gluten-free options will be included.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Parlour and Dashing Blades 

Hair comes the science bit

From its biology to cultural significance, there are many layers to hair. Scientists from the University of Leicester take over Rock ‘n’ Roller Parlour and Dashing Blades to chat all things bearded and coiffure. Get your mane questions answered at this pop-up hair lab.

The Box

Doctored memories (17.00 – 18.00)

In an image obsessed world, where photos can be edited at the touch of a button, it is increasingly difficult to tell what is real and fake. Being able to distinguish between truth and lies in photography is important, but why?

Psychologist Kim Wade (University of Warwick), BAFTA and multi-award-winning artist Alison Jackson, known for her photos depicting celebrity lookalikes in false, but believable scenarios, and journalist Priya Joi (World Health Organization) draw on their own research and experiences to discuss how blurring these lines impacts our memories, world views and ultimately society.

Booking required via this link.

Dark Matter (18.45 – 19.45)

Part stand-up comedy, part science, Dark Matter is for anyone who has ever looked at the universe and wondered, “How can I make this about me?”

The science is real. The story is true. Matthew Starr brings the audience along with him as he tries to understand getting older, his past relationships, and also, the universe.

Booking required via this link.

Holotronica (20.30 – 21.30)

The Holotronica Live 3D show is a retro-futuristic synesthetic trip, merging sound and colour frequencies that feel as if they are jumping off screen, close enough to touch.

Developed by Stuart Warren-Hill, the show comes to the British Science Festival for the first time. Put on some polarized 3D glasses and prepare to be stunned – analogue synths and electronica blend with live 3D visuals as Stuart takes his audience on an all-encompassing journey through psychedelic space.

Booking required via this link.

The Market Hall

The Red Tent

It’s time to talk about periods.

Put aside your inhibitions and enter in the Red Tent – a space which is #breakingthesilence to share stories and smash the stigma of periods. Take the opportunity to also discover sustainable alternatives to sanitary products. Choose from different fabrics and patterns to make your own, washable and reusable period pad!

Mixing it up with MDMflow

Black and gold, hip hop, beauty, fashion and science: all of Florence Adepoju’s, founder of award-winning beauty brand MDMflow, obsessions. Specialising in handmade makeup blends using the latest colour technology, don’t miss her masterclass in lipstick making which reveals the secrets behind her trademark shades.

Create your own comic adventure

Get to grips with the concept of ‘freewill’ at this comic-book making workshop led by graphic novelist Daniel Locke. Using a ‘story prediction machine’, create your very own fully illustrated comic, using the process to discover how our brains work to interpret the world around us.

Unit 5


Journey to the centre of DNA in this immersive experience. Hear, see and feel real stories told through a series of soundscapes, sculpture and imagery encouraging you to consider the role of genetics in health and disease. This is a new installation funded by the Wellcome Trust and produced by Santé Theatre and Media Productions and Felicity Boardman from the University of Warwick.

Venue TBA

Escape the lab! 

When under pressure of the clock will you crumble or crack the code? With friends (or strangers), work together to escape the Cancer Research UK lab. Find out about the phenomenal work CRUK researchers are doing to beat cancer.

Mud kitchen for adults 

It’s time to get dirty. Whisk, scoop, and drizzle mud, dust, dirt and water and come up with your very own mud creations. Crimp your crumb or infuse your emulsion, the choice is yours at this unique (and messy) outdoor experience. Why should the kids have all the fun?

Ghost in the Machine

Experience your own brainwaves as a holographic light sculpture. A tool for introspection and reflection, it allows you to gain insight into the working of your brain. Developed by London based media artist Oliver Gingrich in conjunction with Analema Group and Ivan Isakov, this mind-bending piece is not to be missed.


This event is supported by Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership.