Bubble Tea Masterclass

What time is it? 19.00-20.30

What's going on?

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of Bubble Tea making, and become an expert Bobarista- well now you can! Join Bubble Boba at their fun new masterclasses!

Enjoy a Hong Kong Style Bubble Waffle whilst learning everything there is to know about Bubble Tea! During this time, everyone will learn the following:

-The History of Tea

Different countries and their connections to Tea

-How to brew Tea

-The History of Bubble Tea

-Current trends in Bubble Tea

Also during this time, guests will be able to sample different type of fresh Tea bases and 3 or more different types of Bubble Tea drinks. Then, depending on the group size, everyone will split into two groups. Each group will wear an official BB Bobarista apron and all the drink items, tools and utensils needed will be put out. Each guest will be able to choose whichever flavour they prefer for both their Fruit Tea and Milk/Milk Tea. Everyone will be able to make their own drink by hand, with Kristin, expert Bobarista guiding everyone step by step to make sure each drink turns out delicious! The class will last for about 90-minutes.


Pre-booking is essential- tickets can be found here.  Tickets are £20