Once Upon a Time: FairyTale Book Club

What time is it? 15:00-17:00

What's going on?

If you enjoy fairytales old and new, original and adaptations, then read on…

Hosted by Marta Wasik
The popularity of contemporary fairy tale retellings, in literature, cinema and on television, testifies to our enduring fascination with the genre. From Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber (1979) to The Surface Brakes (Louise O’Neill, 2018) fairytales are frequently revisited in ways which reframe their cultural significance, becoming at once an object and a tool of critique. Whether shedding new light on a familiar stories or brining unfamiliar, or forgotten ones, to our attention, these texts prompt us to rethink our established beliefs about the fairytale, its pleasures and present day relevance.

Once Upon a Time is a monthly book club focusing on contemporary fairytale retellings. Each month, we will look at a selected fairytale and its adaptation. Bringing to the table our own experiences, expectation and understanding of fairytales, we will discuss the how and why of these texts, reflecting on the meanings which emerge in the process of adaptation. All ages are welcome but some books may contain adult themes. The bookclub takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month.

First Event, 23rd of June at 3pm at the Big Comfy Bookshop- click here for more information.