Yoga & Tea Ceremony

What time is it? 18:00 - 21:00

What's going on? Enjoy a night with two ancient practises in unison, provided by The Painted Porch and Yi Cha.

The Painted Porch and Yi Cha bring together a unique combination of Yoga and an authentic Chinese Tea Ceremony for a blissful experience of mind, body and human-to-human connection.

The evening will begin with an hour of Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga led by Rossana (founder of The Painted Porch), during which we will combine movement and breath to release the distractions of the everyday and create space for connection both with ourselves and with others. Together we will move through a sequence of breathing techniques and physical postures, finishing with a final meditation accompanied by live music from the Guqin, a subtle and harmonic Chinese string instrument.

Feeling tranquil and in harmony with one another, we will join together in the meditative practise of the Chinese tea ceremony, guided by Yi Zeng (founder of Yi Cha).

The intricate and mindful ritual of the tea ceremony will focus our awareness on the present moment. The tea is served meticulously in an art-like form and shared equally between all members of the group to create a feeling of community and belonging.

During the tea ceremony we will:
* Smell, taste and experience two high quality and traditional Chinese teas (White Tea 白茶,Smoked Black Tea 烟熏红茶)

* Observe and understand the tea-making and serving process

* Learn basic Mandarin words related to Chinese Tea.

The shared practise of yoga and tea-drinking becomes a door to mindful unity and togetherness; leaving us feeling not only more strongly connected with our inner selves, but also reminding us of the value of community, belonging and human connection.

** A limited number of yoga mats will be available to borrow. Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one.