AGD Silver Gemstone Jewellery

Handcrafted jewellery pieces using traditional silversmithing techniques incorporating semi-precious gemstones.

Having first entered the world of Silversmithing over ten years ago I then went on to do an apprenticeship with a renowned Jeweller and Silversmith in Oxford, not realising where this journey would take me or the many places I would go. I simply loved creating and working with metal and was inspired by what could be created, using some very simple tools, a pair
of hands and some heat.

I work mainly in Sterling Silver, using Traditional Silversmithing and Casting Techniques to create pieces that are unique and meaningful to the wearer. The pieces often incorporate Semi-Precious Gemstones or other materials that are found around us - such as a piece of Slate, Pebble or Sea Glass, which are often used as the focal point of the piece and whereby I am often ‘led’ by the color, shape or the distinctive energies that can be felt from Semi- Precious Gemstones. I am also fascinated with the history of Gemstones, which have been used for centuries to aid with Physical, Spiritual and Emotional well-being (although I must state, I am not a Crystal Healer, however it has in turn supported me in gaining a deeper understanding and approach to my work).

Pieces can range from a simple stone-set pendant to a statement piece. I may ‘plan’ some pieces or allow the piece to ‘grow’ organically, as do I enjoy working with pieces which have, to simply put, been a ‘mistake’ - in my mind anyway. I also consistently look and seek to work in ways that are as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible, such as using ethically sourced Gemstones, eco-friendly packaging or toxic free chemicals.