Buddha Boutique

Buddha boutique by Yogamasti is a holistic hippy shop, also soon to be a pop up studio for yoga classes  on occasions.We sell everything from Incense to Mantras to Chakras to Mandalas.

We do Singing bowls, Thanka paintings, Lovely unique Hippy wear, Hemp products, Ethnic and oriental household goods, Yoga wear, Harem pants, Mats Equipment, Mat bags, Statues and believe it or not- Organic teas from the world☺. There is something for everyone and our aim is to inspire and enchant you with the oriental world right here at the foot steps of sunny Coventry on your journey to your spiritual selves. Run by me ,a yoga teacher this is a natural progression of my brand called Yogamasti. Yogamasti has been online for 8 yrs now and I always wanted to create a peaceful haven where you would want to come, share, read, converse and leave with a content inspiring feeling. So walk in and say hi, sing our bowls and get in spirit.