COW ØN THE ICE - Design Concept Store

All things Simple, Scandinavian and Sublime.

We sell affordable, high-end design. Anti-ordinary thoughtfully crafted clothes, toys, accessories, homeware and paper goods that bring joy and make everyday life truly exceptional.

Hi! My name is Eva and I'm a multi-award-losing designer, caffeine-dependent life form, papercut survivor and dog enthusiast.

COW ØN THE ICE is a genuine, independent project build around a fascination with modernism, Scandinavian design, simplicity, quality and sustainability.

There's always a lot going on at COW ØN THE ICE. Pop in any time*, however, we kindly ask you not to lick the walls, not to feed James (the gorilla) and give a hug to the charming sociopath behind the counter.

*popping in during opening hours has been described as "more enjoyable" by 76% of our customers.