Oshin Art & Craft

Oshin opened 2015 at FarGo Village. Selling a range of handmade fabric and embroidered items crafted from techniques such as Fofuchas and Kanzashy.

I have learned from Spain ,Japan ,Brasil, Colombia and Portugal, different techniques such as:

.   Fofuchas dolls
.   Kanzashy flowers
.   Fuxico
.  Different type of embroidery
.  Additionally I am able to  paint using watercolor technique and acrylic.
.  Decoupage
.  Patchwork
.  Crochet,
I sell custom made soft dolls, Fofuchas – dolls using a Brazilian custom technique, Kanzashi flowers, using a Japanese technique called Kanzashi, a range of embroideries, including Embroidery Majorca, hand bags, key rings with many of the items being 100% handmade and unique., etc.

Not only I am doing and selling handmade items if not I am organizing workshops, thus people would be able to learn and elaborate themselves their favorite items and I am selling fabrics, ribbons, and other materials.

Currently I am making new items such as cushions, handbags, custom towels, custom t-shirts  and  I have in mind to make other novel products that are striking for our customers.