Ian Cook is a contemporary British artist internationally known for his unique form of painting. Ian creates his art solely using the method of radio-controlled cars, car tyres and toy car wheels as his paintbrushes.

With a first degree in Fine Art Painting from Winchester School of Art, Ian has a quirky edge and describes his work as a 'friendly explosion of colour' which captures attention through his unusual method of working and the premise of live performance art at automotive events.

Essentially – the idea for the process started for a number of reasons, Ian is an avid car enthusiast, a trained artist, and thirdly he was bought a radio controlled car for a Christmas present and was told "not to take it down the studio, and not to get paint on it"...(lightbulb moment) ... so like any bloke would - he listened to a bit of that conversation.

Many years later, having combined his passion of cars, toys and art, Ian has created complex and dynamic artworks including one the size of a three storey building, painted with real cars, featured on TV and travelled to different parts of the globe with a suitcase full of paint covered cars.

PopbangColour is going strong!