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Milo's specialises in Handmade & Unique clothing and accessories from Premature to Age 12. Mamas & Papas we've got you covered too! From sizes XXS to XXXXXL.

If you're looking for unique, high quality but affordable pieces then we're your shop!

I was pregnant and I was really struggling to find fun and exciting clothes that differed from the same supermarket and high street options. I needed something hardwearing, soft, trendy but still affordable, but I found myself struggling to find the quality and designs that I wanted, so I started to look for fabrics, and my love and passion for making baby clothes began. I used my BA (Hons) in Fashion & Textiles and created an entire wardrobe for my baby, once he was here people were stopping me in the street to ask where his hoodie was from, or where his leggings were from and that's how this little business started! We've grown over the last three years to include a wider range of items and a full size range.Fully BSA and EU health and safety compliant. All fabric used is Oeko-Tex certified which means that no harmful chemicals were used during the manufacturing and dying process.

Ashley & Milo