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1. far gosford st. car park

Far Gosford Street, CV1 5DT

Spaces: 18
Day: Mon-sat 8am-6pm.
0 - 1 hour: 50p | 1-2 hours: £2
2-4 hours: £2 | 4-12 hours: £5.
Evening: Mon-sun 6pm-8am. 50p
Charges: Sun 8am-6pm. 50p.

*Please note a section of this car park is designated as "private" and is not available for public parking during office hours Monday - Friday. Parking here may result in a fine. Warning signs are clearly displayed*
2. paynes lane car park

Paynes Lane, CV1 5LN

Spaces: 97
Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm: 2 hours free. Time can be extended for a further 2 hours by inputting your registration number to a tablet in Backhaus & Co, located at FarGo Village.
Mon-Fri 6pm onwards: Free,
Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays: Free

3. whitefriars car park

Whitefriars Lane, CV1 2DT

Spaces: 135
Charges: Mon-FrI 8am-6pm.
Sundays and Bank Holidays 50p.
Blue Badge holders may park free.

4. grove st. car park

Grove Street, CV1 5PS

Spaces: 238
Charges: Mon-sat 8am-6pm
Cheap Saturday tariff up to 2 hours 50p, over 2 hours £1.
Sundays & Bank Holidays 50p. Blue Badge holders may park free.

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