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1. far gosford st. car park

Far Gosford Street, CV1 5DT

Spaces: 18
Day: Mon-sat 8am-6pm.
0 - 1 hour: 50p | 1-2 hours: £2
2-4 hours: £2 | 4-12 hours: £5.
Evening: Mon-sun 6pm-8am. 50p
Charges: Sun 8am-6pm. 50p.

*Please note a section of this car park is designated as "private" and is not available for public parking during office hours Monday - Friday. Parking here may result in a fine. Warning signs are clearly displayed*
2. paynes lane car park

Paynes Lane, CV1 5LN

This car park will be closed to the public during lockdown, please refer to other local car parks in the meantime and refer to our social media for regular updates

3. whitefriars car park

Whitefriars Lane, CV1 2DT

Spaces: 135
Charges: Mon-FrI 8am-6pm.
Sundays and Bank Holidays 50p.
Blue Badge holders may park free.

4. grove st. car park

Grove Street, CV1 5PS

Spaces: 238
Charges: Mon-sat 8am-6pm
Cheap Saturday tariff up to 2 hours 50p, over 2 hours £1.
Sundays & Bank Holidays 50p. Blue Badge holders may park free.

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