Spooky Goings on at FarGo Village

Our regular blogger Amy from Writing into the Ether shares her thoughts on Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! How did you celebrate this year? I helped a friend to sell her artwork at Fargo’s Halloween Market. Like all of Fargo’s markets, the sellers were amazing and I spent a lot of time wandering around to the other people’s stalls and chatting.

From spooky hand-carved candles by Heathen Waxworks to handmade potion bottles by Curlicue Glass (definitely one of my favourites every year!) – Fargo’s market had everything Halloween you could ever need to celebrate. Both the marketers and the permanent sellers had decorated their shops and everyone was in the spirit of Halloween!

 Although we don’t like to say the C-Word this early… there were a few Christmas gift sellers too! Everyone there had a load of fun despite the chilly weather, and some Paneer wraps from the Paneer Tent helped to warm us up! They are a regular at Fargo events and their veggie wraps and samosas are to die for!

The stall I helped with was run by illustrator LizJOwen, I asked her to say a few words about her experience at the market. She says;

“It was my first time selling at this kind of event – all the other sellers were so welcoming and helpful. We were all decorated up and there were super Halloween vibes. Plus I got some great advice on how to make it even better for the Etsy Christmas Market event!

It was tons of fun and we are both looking forward to the next one!