Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy


Entrances to FarGo Village

FarGo village aims to provide easy access to all visitors. It’s worth noting that is located on a former industrial space so there are some sloping and uneven surfaces and two outside platform areas where only stairs provide access.


  • All of our venues, shops and eating establishments spaces are at ground level without steps.
  • The Market hall and The Box are fully accessible with accessible toilets in each location
  • A platform lift is available to access the backstage and stage area of the Box and the shipping office.
  • There are two areas of the site, access to some offices and a mezzanine that can only be accessed via stairs.
  • The Container units can be accessed using the portable ramp kept in the Market Hall
  • Disabled Parking is available in Far Gosford Street car park next to the site with two further spaces at the Grafton Street Entrance
  • Best access is though the Grafton Street or main Far Gosford Street entrance. The side entrance has steps.


Neurodiversity and Sensory Sensitivity

To help plan your visit, have a look at our website. It includes photographs and information of what you can expect from a visit

  • We can provide a quiet space, please ask a member of staff
  • We promise to let you know if any performance or event will have loud noises or flashing / bright lights.


Blind and visually impaired visitors

  •   Walkways are kept free of obstruction.
  •   Signage is displayed in large text with high contract backgrounds.
  •  There are yellow markings on the ground to show different areas of the site
  •  During events duty managers are here to provide assistance where required.


Assistance dogs

  • We welcome assistance dogs throughout the village. Drinking bowls are available – just ask a member of staff.


Deaf and hearing-impaired visitors.

  • The Box performance space is fitted with a hearing loop


Facilities at FarGo Village



  • There are ‘All Gender’ toilets in the Market Hall and in some of the onsite businesses and Twisted Barrel.
  • There are Male and Female toilets in the Box as well as all gender toilets backstage.

Accessible toilets

  • There are accessible toilets at FarGo Village. Adapted toilets are situated to the right of the main entrance to the Market Hall and in the corridor off the Box Foyer
  • All adapted toilets are for all genders to use they require RADAR key. RADAR keys are available from staff during our events if you don’t have one of your own and many of our businesses have
  • The door to the ground floor adapted toilet opens inwards and is locked by a locking handle. As you face the toilet pan there is lateral transfer space of one metre.
  • The tap type is lever. There is a functional emergency alarm. Wall mounted grab rails are on both sides of the toilet.
  • The contrast between the walls and floor is good. Wall mounted and dropdown rails are available.
  • Baby chancing facilities are also available in the accessible toilets

Changing Places Facilities

  • There is a Changing Places space in Art Riot Collective opposite the Market Hall. This is available when Art Riot is open, check the website for details.


Performers with additional requirements

  • Our stage and back stage area accessible with a platform lift and further adaptions can be made to meet whatever the needs of our performers and participants.


Seating and Resting Place

  • Seating is available throughout the village indoors and out and we have a designated ‘resting space’ in the Market Hall which is advertised on the ‘Resting Space Coventry’ network and allows for people with different seating requirements from wheelchair use to need to have lower of higher seating with or without arms.
  • Our outdoor furniture is designed to accommodate wheel chair users.



Continual improvement

We work with experts and those with lived experience to assess what further adaptions are required.


Events Access

BSL and sensory friendly events are created when possible.

Always feel free to contact our team or make one of us aware if you have a requirement ahead of or during your visit.

Contact the office.

02476 76252434

During events – 07710391798